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How to Pack your Laptop

There is no rocket science on shipping your computer. It is indeed designed to put up with much more stress than you can probably imagine. You just have to make sure you’ll protect it against accidents. We ship and receive dozens of computers every week, and only 2 to 3 cases a year will have some sort of damage to it. And it’s usually because the box was not properly prepared.

how to pack your laptop

Get a box that fits your laptop properly. There should be at least 2 inches of space on each side of the laptop, including above and beneath it. You can start up with crumbled paper.

how to ship your laptop 3

Now put the power cord in one of the sides. Do not put the power cord ON TOP of the laptop, as it may break the screen! Don’t have “peanuts”? Use something else that makes volume and will make it safe, like more crumbled paper, bubble-wrap or Styrofoam. Remember it has to protect your computer against other boxes that will travel on top and under it.

how to pack your laptop 2

After some crumbled paper, wrap your laptop with bubble-wrap. Don’t have bubble-wrap around? You may use egg-crate-foam.

how to pack your computer 4

Close the box firmly with packaging tape and make sure the computer is secured inside. Place the “packing slip” on the top of the box and you are ready to ship it!

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