Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

All prices disclosed are for labor only. Parts valid only for computers mailed to our shop from outside of San Diego.

– Laptop not chargingĀ  power jack / power connector – DC Jack Repair – $99 flat fee
– Liquid spilled on your laptop – $99 for full internal clean up (additional fee for parts may be required)
– Blue Screens ($49 to $74 labor)
– Broken or Dark screen (LCD or LED) ($39 average)
– Sudden power off (price varies – Starts in $29)
– Any upgrades you may need (hard drive, RAM memory) ($10 an up)
– Computer too slow ($29 and up)
– Overheating ($19 and up)
– Fan Replacements ($29 and up)
– Windows locking up or freezing (price available upon evaluation)
– Laptops not starting (or simply not booting) (price available upon evaluation)
– Virus and Trojans ($49 and up)
– Wireless repairs ($39 and up)
– Motherboard repairsĀ  (1) (price available upon evaluation)
– Backups / Data Transfers or Data recovery (2) (price available upon evaluation)

And much more! We can fix any problem you might have!

By fixing your computer you will save an average of 75% versus buying new. You will also help our economy by not sending your money abroad!

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(1) not all motherboard repairs can be performed in-house. Some of them need special equipments and/or specialized technicians and for these cases we will usually inform upfront (upon evaluation) of the terms of the repair (cost and turnaround).

(2) We are able to perform about 85% of all data recovery jobs in-house with really affordable prices. In case we are not able to perform it in your hard drive we will call you to provide the options.